Arid 3

Brown Patch Resistant Tall Fescue

  • Attractive Genetic color
  • Resistance to Brown Patch and Other Diseases
  • Excellent Turf Density


Arid 3 by Jacklin® Seed, USA has many features to make your project successful including an attractive color, excellent rate of establishment, wide area of adaptation, and excellent disease and insect resistance. It is exceptionally versatile. It grows well under moderate or low levels of maintenance and is recommended for use on home lawns, athletic fields, roadsides, golf course roughs or out-of-play areas, and community green spaces. Arid 3 has good cool-weather color retention with early spring color and performs well in full sun or moderate shade. Arid 3 also performs extremely well used in blends and mixtures.

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  • Blotch resistance and brown patch
  • Resistant to pink snow mold and stem rust
  • Excellent disease and pest resistance
  • Keeps attractive appearance even under some high-stress conditions
  • Quick Establishment
  • Early Spring Color
  • Attractive Genetic Color
  • Heat/Drought Tolerance
  • Turf Density



Seeding Rate (lbs.) 6-10
Mowing: Recommendation 1.5-3.0 in.
Mowing: High Input Min. 1 in.



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