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Basfoliar® Boro SL



Basfoliar® range of mineral micronutrients from Compo Expert consists of world class products with very high mineral concentrations that are in extremely pure form. The products are formulated using the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, Highest quality raw material is selected for the manufacturing process that is free of impurities and heavy metals. Unlike other products that are industrial salts used for agricultural use, the Basfoliar® range of products are specifically made for agriculture use with a stable and well-established pH. Due to the pure form of the mineral nutrient, there is a decreased risk of scorching and phytotoxicity.

Boron is responsible for the stability of plant cell and tissue including pollen and pollen tubes. Boron deficiency occurs frequently on acidic and sandy soils (absolute deficiency) or on alkaline soils induced by fixation.

The first deficiency symptoms appear in young plants; When boron deficiency persists, the vegetative points die off. Beginning in the younger leaves, deformations of leaf margin occurs, Boron deficiency causes disturbances in plant metabolism leading to accumulation of brown substances in the cells causing them to necrosis/whither, this may cause reduced fertility/sterility.

Basfoliar® Boro SL is a liquid formulation of Boron that improves the fruit setting and improves root and fruit development.
Vegetables like tomato, potato, beans, chilies, cauliflower, short cycle fruit crops like strawberry muskmelons, watermelons horticulture crops like grapes, bananas, pomegranate oilers and polyhouse crops like gerbera, roses etc, benefit the most from the use of Basfoliar® Boro SL.


Boron Ethalomine
Boron (as B) min 10%
100% basis (130g/L)


Fruit Trees1-2L/acre2-3 applications
Fruit Bushes1-1.2L/acre2-3 applications
Vegetables500mL-1L/acre2 applications
Apply at the beginning of fruit set, every seven days


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