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Basfoliar SP 19:19:19


Basfoliar® SP water-soluble, highly concentrated nutrient salt containing micro nutrients for foliar fertilization of intensive crops.

  • Highly efficient combination of macro and micro elements
  • Fully chelated trace elements
  • Fast and completely water soluble
  • Compatible with common pesticides

High Solubility
99% of the products dissolves within 10 minutes.
Superior dissolving speed and efficiency.
Virtually no residues.

Superior Quality
Better quality than standard products due to specific grinding techniques and high-quality raw materials.
Homogeneous particle size.
No product segregation.
Reduced caking risk and dust.
Fully chelated set of trace elements.

General Benefits
Maximum gain of yield potential.
Crop strengthening under stress situations (pests & diseases, extreme climatic conditions etc.).
The most efficient nutrient application under adverse soil conditions (high pH, salinity, low nutrient content, light soils etc.).
Optimal supplement to traditional soil fertilization.


Total Nitrogen 19
Ammonium (NH4-N) 4.5
Nitrate (NO3-N) 4
Urea (NH2-N) 10.5
Phosphate (P2O5) 19
Potassium (K2O) 19
Sodium (NaCl) 0.5


Foliar fertilization
To avoid damage to the leaves and to ensure optimum nutrient uptake, spray 1000L/ha in the cool hours of early morning or evening.

Preparation of the spray solution

  • Fill tank with water of approx. 1/3 capacity.
  • Add fertilizer while stirring continuously.
  • Fil tank up to approx. 2/3 capacity.
  • Add plant protection product.
  • Fill tank with water completely.
  • Spray the solution immediately.

We recommend carrying test/ plant tolerance test before treating large areas.

Spray Concentration (%) kg/ha
Under glass/ polythene sheeting and when applied with plant protection products 0.05-0.1 0.5-1.0
Sensitive crops in field e.g. seedlings, fruit, lettuce 0.1-0.2 1.0-2.0
Field crops, e.g. cotton coffee, bananas, field vegetables, potatoes, cereals 0.2-0.5 2.0-5.0


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