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Floranid Twin Eagle Master

19-5-10 (+2+TE)


19-5-10 (+2+TE)

Finely granulated NPK complex fertilizer with ISODUR® & CROTODUR® Slow-release Nitrogen, Potassium Sulphate, Magnesium and Micronutrients. Specially designed for high-value Sports Turfs such as Greens and Tees.

Slow and even release of Nitrogen over 8-12 weeks according to climatic conditions. Guarantees even plant development without unwanted growth peaks. The long-term effect allows reducing the number of applications. Reduces Nitrogen leaching. Safe to use thanks to low salt index. Labour and cost-saving through better fertilizer efficiency and less mowing; regular application can improve colour, ground cover and root. The complete set of trace elements ensures optimal growth, especially under these conditions. The granular size is very fine and consequently ideal for low-cut Turf.


Technical Data

19.0% nitrogen (N)
8.0% NH4 nitrogen
2.5% NO3 nitrogen
NH2 nitrogen
5.1% isobutylidenediurea
3.4% crotonlyidenediurea
5.0% phosphate (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water 2.2%


4.5% P2O5 water soluble 2.0% P
10.0% Potassium oxide (K2O), water soluble 8.3% K
2.0% magnesium (MgO) 1.2% Mg
1.6% water soluble MgO 1.0% Mg
7.0% sulphur (S) 17.5% SO3
5.6% water soluble S 14.0% SO3
0.020% boron (B) 0.010% copper (Cu)
0.700% iron (Fe) 0.100% manganese (Mn)
0.010% zinc (Zn molybdenum (Mo)
low in chlorine
Other nutrients
The raw materials used in the production process also contain low amounts of calcium (Ca), sodium (Na) or trace elements not mentioned above. The concentration of these elements is below EC declaration levels and cannot be guaranteed.


Physical Properties

Colour Uncoloured
Bulk Density 820 ± 100kg/m3
Granule Size 90% = 0.5-1.4mm
pH (1:10 in water) 6-7
Appearance Granular solid fertilizer, surface-treated for improved transport and storage properties.


Thanks to its even granulation the fertilizer can be applied easily with spreaders or by hand. Application is possible during the whole vegetation period. Watering-in promotes the immediate effect.


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