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Agricare FlowCon

Calcium Suspension (35% CaO)


FLOWCON is a highly concentrated Calcium in suspension form.

This product will help mitigate “bitter pit” in apples, “fruit cracking” in stone fruit, “tip burn” in lettuce and other foliage horticulture crops, “blossom-end-rot” in tomato and other solanaceous crops, “black heart” in celery and cauliflower and many other physiological disorders associated with impaired calcium deficiency on the cell wall level. Calcium deficiency may also effect membrane permeability and salt stress potential. On grapevine cultivars prone to mold, it may reduce damage and the need for specific agrochemical applications, therefore reducing risk of chemical residue in the juice.

Thanks to its formulation, Agricare FlowCon mixes well with most pesticides.


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