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Agricare Kieserite gran.

Natural Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer

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Agricare Kieserite gran. has special chemical and physical properties for the prevention and correction of Mg and S deficiencies in gardens, lawns and field crop worldwide. This is natural source of Epsum Salt approved for organic farming.

The total Magnesium in Agricare Kieserite gran. is in the sulphate form and hence immediately available to plants after application. It is a natural mineral with a unique crystal structure and hardness so that it dissolves slowly and gradually in cold water. This increases uptake efficiency of Magnesium and other mineral by crops and hence minimize leaching losses. Owing to its unique properties it can be applied as a straight fertilizer and matches well the requirements as a component of NPK-Mg mixtures or compounds.

Magnesium and Sulphur together with N, P, K, Ca, belonging to six macro-nutrients, are of particular importance to agriculture on the wide-spread nutrient depleted soils of the sub-humid tropics. Magnesium increases chlorophyll, hence photosynthesis in leaves.

Therefore, Agricare Kieserite gran. containing Mg, K and S in one fertilizer has become the prerequisite for high yields in all plantation crops such as banana, pepper, sugar cane, coffee, rubber, cocoa and tea. Furthermore it has proven its supremacy over other Mg sources in fast growing vegetables as well as fruit trees like lime, orange, mango, and other tropical fruits.


Use 5-10 kg Agricare Kieserite gran. per acre before seed sowing, suitable in all crops.
Being granular, it can be mixed with other granular fertilizers and applied in one go by hand or sprayer.


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