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NutriSeed® is a completely water-soluble highly concentrated liquid multi micronutrient fertilizer with nitrogen for seed treatment. For the preventive treatment of micronutrient deficiencies in cereals. Particularly for wheat with a high yield level the applications of NutriSeed® led to significant yield effect in our trials when applied as seed treatment.

To achieve higher yields in cereals the plants needs increased quantities of copper, manganese and zinc. Insufficient supply at times of increased demand often leads to latent deficiencies in these important yield-forming micronutrients. On occasions these deficiencies are only transient. In this context weather conditions (in particular dryness) have an important influence. This often disturbs the growth progress in cereals, and in such cases NutriSeed® compensates by providing the micronutrients from germination onwards. NutriSeed® has been specifically developed to achieve a homogeneous distribution on the seed.


Technical Data

2.5%Total nitrogen (NH4)
0.058%Copper (Cu)*
4.1%Manganese (Mn)*
1.4%Zinc (Zn)*
*All metallic micronutrients fully chelated by EDTA.
** All percentages are by volume.

Physical Properties

Specific weight1220g/L
AppearanceClear liquid


The most effective form of applying NutriSeed® is by seed treatment. Application rate 250mL/100kg seed.

NutriSeed® can be carried out with any ordinary application equipment used for seed treatment. The recommended amount should be allowed to run into the equipment slowly and steadily under agitation. Due to the neutral pH of the product in can be applied with all common seed treatment agents used for plant protection. The corrosive effect is negligible.

Basically, care must be taken to fill the equipment with at least the half amount of water needed before adding NutriSeed®. Afterwards the spray tank should be completely filled.



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