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Agricare Triple 8

100% Water Soluble NPK (8:8:8) Fertilizer with Trace Elements


Imported AGRICARE TRIPLE 8 is all purpose fertilizer for sugarcane crop, lawns, pastures, vegetables and flower garden. It is the best fertilizer for giving well-balanced nutrition to plants. By using a little but at the right time the cost of production can be greatly reduced.

Agricare Triple 8 has Nitrogen in both forms, Ammonical and Nitrate, Phosphorus, Potassium as well as micronutrients that benefit the plants instantly.

Agricare products are Acidic, Sodium & Chlorine free, environment-friendly fertilizers. Use Agricare to obtain better quality and higher yield from green houses, open fields, shading nets and tunnels etc.


Ammonical N 3%
Nitrate N 5%
P2O5 8%
K2O 8%
Sulphate S 2%
With Magnesium & Chelated Trace Elements
Specific gravity 1.35


Dissolve 1 L Agricare Triple 8 in 150 L water and spray over 150 sq meter area in three applications. Dosages as per Soil Testing Reports & Agronomist’s recommendations.


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