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Home Garden Kit

Combo pack of Humicare Foliar, Nzyme Foliar, Aminoz Foliar & Aza_D 1500 for home gardens


A pack of four 100% Organic, versatile and highly rated products for home gardens.
Week 1 – Humicare Foliar promotes Root Growth
Week 2 – Nzyme Foliar is All-in-One nutrition solution
Week 3 – Aminoz Foliar promotes Flowering & Fruiting
Week 4 – Aza_D 1500 is Bio-pesticide & Leaf Shiner

Application Rate: 2 mL per litre. Apply Humicare through drenching and others by foliar spray.

The perfect bundle to start and maintain your plant babies, both indoor and outdoor.
250 mL bottles are sufficient for 3-6 months.


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