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Coco Peat


COCO PEAT is an ideal multi-purpose growing medium made by compressing broken down pith inside the coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre-washed, machine-dried, sieved and made sterile & free from sand, dirt, gravel and other contamination such as animal and plant residue, soil-borne pathogens and weeds.

It has low EC and a pH range of 5.7-6.5. The block has a cubical structure. This is an ergonomic design that helps to hold and carry the material easily. It is odourless and pleasant to handle. Weight of each block is between 4 to 5 kg, varying on climate condition and compressed ratio. It expands to up to 70L of coco peat powder. We provide pure quality product of natural appearance and long shelf life.

Benefits of using Coco Peat are many

  • Retains high amount of moisture (7-8 days), hence increasing the irrigation interval and conserving water
  • Stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time enhancing plant growth
  • Increases the water absorptivity in the potting mix
  • Excellent organic substituent to garden soil for soil aeration and seed germination as the loose structure allows for easy root development
  • Light weight, well-draining and doesn’t get water logged
  • The fact that it is resistant to harmful bacteria and fungus is just another wonderful benefit.
  • Environment friendly
  • Acts as stacking material and holds the soil together
  • Can be used to improve the health of grass or other plants in parks, gardens and golf courses
  • Widely applicable in agriculture, horticulture & floriculture
  • Ideal for kitchen gardens and nurseries as it reduces the frequency of watering


All you have to do to use this soil conditioner is place it in a bucket and add about 22L to 25L of water. Then simply wait until the block expands and slowly stir it until the soil loosens. After this, the product will be ready for you to use.

  • For seed germination, use pure cocopeat
  • For bed making, use 1:1 with soil


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