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Basafer Plus

6% Fe-FDDHA (5% O-O Fe-EDDHA)
Chelated Iron Fertilizer (EDDHA)


6% Fe-FDDHA (5% O-O Fe-EDDHA)
Chelated Iron Fertilizer (EDDHA)

For the preventive and curative treatment of iron deficiency (chlorosis) in agriculture and horticulture crops. Basafer® Plus Contains protected iron way that can be assimilated by the roots and not retained in the soil. It has 5% iron (Fe) chelated by ortho-EDDHA, a stable molecule in a wide pH range (4-10) which allows the iron to full its functions without problems and it is readily usable. Basafer® Plus has excellent solubility in water, the solution is instantaneous, which ensures uniformity in the subsequent application.


Rate of Application

Crop Basafer® Plus (g/plant)
Tree crops Nursery Initial production Full production
Citrus 10-30 40-60 75-100
Peaches 10-30 30-60 75-100
Plums 05-10 15-30 40-50
Apples/pears 15-25 20-40 60-80
Avocado 05-10 07-10 15-20
Table grapes 05-10 10-15 15-20
Wine production 03-05 05-07 07-10
Other crops
Short cycle 60-80g/100m2
Long cycle 100-150g/100m2
Strawberries 100-150g/100m2
Melons 100-150g/100m2
Pot and Container plants Repeated treatment with 0.2% solution or mix/incorporate 30-60g/m3 substrate/soil
Bed plants 5-10g/m2


Basafer® Plus is applied to the soil, usually in one application per vegetation period. Foliar application is not recommended. Experiences shows that application in dissolved form leads to the desired results more rapidly. The concentration of the final solution should not exceed 2% (for directed irrigation systems and treatment of pot and container plants do not exceed 0.2%).

Alternatively – e.g. to reduce labour costs-Basafer® Plus can be applied in solid form. This can be done by hand or with a fertilizer spreader either broadcast or banded. It has to be noted that the product has to be slightly incorporated or watered in right after application.

Standard Soil Application

Apply the solution to a depth of 5-20 cm, either in furrows (e.g. for vegetables parallel to the plant row) or in holes around the plant in orchard 4-6 holes per plant approx. 30 cm from the trunk), or by spreading in solid form with subsequent incorporation and/or watering in.

Spray Application

The solution is uniformly sprayed on the soil surface (no foliar application!) Preferably before rain or irrigation.


Inject the solution into the root zone with a suitable implement.


Feed the mother solution (max conc. 7.5%) into the irrigation system.

For preventive treatment the lower application rates are sufficient. The higher application rates are recommended for crops/varieties that are highly susceptible to iron chlorosis, and/or on soils with a high pH, rich in carbonates. For a curative treatment the higher doses are recommended. For plants showing severe chlorosis the treatment may have to be repeated after 2-3 weeks. In directed irrigation systems (drip irrigation, micro-jet etc.) The above rates can be reduced by 25%. It is recommended to split the resulting dose into 3 or more applications per vegetation period (max conc. 0.2%).


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