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Basfoliar® Algae SL



Basfoliar® Algae is a naturally concentrated extract from Chilean algae (Durvillea antarctic) that come from the shores of Pacific Ocean, which is cold, dark waters algae induces the production of high levels of carbohydrates. Plant hormones and vitamins remain intact in the extraction due to sophisticated modern extraction process. Furthermore, Basfoliar® Algae contains minerals and amino acids.

Properties and Advantages

Basfoliar® Algae acts on the plant metabolism and balances its functions physiological cellular level comprehensively developing their potential production against climate stress. This effect results in a better vegetative growth, proper root development, flowering and fruiting development.

  • Increasing the plant development.
  • Her Back of various types of stress, spring fever, drought foods, frost, transplant, applications of herbicides.
  • Making fruits and vegetables high quality.
  • Delivering plant growth, despite overloads.
  • Achieving good development in late sowing or planting


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