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Basfoliar ® Ferro Top SL



Iron is an essential nutrient for the plants since it plays a critical role in metabolic processes in plants. An imbalance between the solubility of iron in soil and the demand for iron by the plant are primary cause of iron chlorosis. Although abundant in most well aerated soils, the biological activity of iron is quite low because of its dependency on soil pH for availability. It primarily forms highly insoluble ferric compounds. Due to following reasons iron may not be available to the plants:
•           High soil pH
•           High calcareous soil content
•           Irrigation water rich in bicarbonates
•           Antagonisms with phosphorus or other cations (zinc, copper, …)
•           Compacted soil, asphyxiated
•           Damaged root system

Basfoliar® Ferro Top SL is an especially formulated, concentrated, liquid iron fertiliser with EDTA chelation. It also contains nitrogen, sulphur, copper and manganese for increased efficiency and effectivity.  After application of Basfoliar® Ferro Top SL the nutrients are absorbed quickly and starts working immediately in the plant system. It can be used in all types of crops including Fruits, vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, sugarcane, turf and grasses.

Role and benefits

•           Immediate chlorophyll formation leads to intense green colour of leaves
•           helps in photosynthesis, respiration and DNA synthesis
•           part of several enzymes as cytochrome of the Electron Transport Chain
•           helps in better disease resistance in crops
•           helps in ripening of the fruits and vegetables.
•           It is involved in nitrogen fixation and its proper utilisation in plant system


Technical Data

Iron (Fe) EDTA chelated8%
Total nitrogen (N)15%
Water soluble sulphur (S)4%
Water soluble copper (Cu)0.002%
Water soluble manganese (Mn)0.02%
Water soluble Zinc (Zn)0.001%

Physical Properties

pH (1:10 in water)2.1


Doses: Apply Basfoliar® Ferro Top SL at 2.5-3.0mL/L of water at different plant growth stages. Application rate 20L/ha.

CropGrowth StageDoses
SugarcaneEarly vegetative stage

Mid vegetative stage

2.5mL/L by spray or 800mL/acre by fertigation
BananaEarly vegetative stage

Mid vegetative stage

2.5mL/L by spray or 600-800mL/acre by fertigation
GuavaEarly vegetative stage

Fruit growth stage

2.5mL/L by spray or 500mL/acre by fertigation
AppleEarly vegetative stage

Mid vegetative stage

2.5mL/L by spray or 500-600mL/acre by fertigation
GrapesEarly vegetative stage

Mid vegetative stage

2.5mL/L by spray or 400-500mL/acre by fertigation
Cereals (Paddy & wheat)Tillering stage2.5mL/L by spray
PulsesMid vegetative stage2.5mL/L by spray
Rose and GerberaBefore flowering2.5mL/L by spray


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