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Basfoliar Kelp O SL


Basfoliar® Kelp O SL is a biostimulant based on natural Kelp (Ecklonia maxima). Enhances plant establishment, growth development and health through the action of natural plant growth hormones. Plant development is influenced by environmental signals, that trigger physiological responses.

Basfoliar® Kelp O SL is completely compatible to plants.

Selected Kelp (Ecklonia maxima) is freshly harvested and gently treated, without the use of heat or chemicals. The product is mechanically processed to release the natural plant hormones into a solution, which is then finely filtered to remove unwanted particles larger than 30 microns, resulting in a natural, phytohormone-rich cocktail.

The naturally occurring hormones-mainly auxin and cytokinin-are present in a special ratio of high auxin and low cytokinin that stimulate the green plant by disturbing that plant’s own hormone balance. The auxin permeates down to the roots, and causes the roots to stimulate cell division and growth, as well as causing the plant to produce the cytokinin necessary to get back into balance. The cytokinin then moves in the opposite direction, to the leaves and initiates the growth above the soil. Hence Basfoliar® Kelp SL effects in a superior performance against other products. Furthermore, it supports the vegetative growth of plants.

Application of Basfoliar® Kelp O SL responses rapidly and effectively to a healthier and more resistant crop. Trials have shown that Basfoliar® Kelp  O SL supports higher quality yields. Basfoliar® Kelp O SL is suitable for application in all crops.


11mg/L Auxines
0.031mg/L Cytokinines
4.38% Carbohydrates
1.95% Proteins
0.25% Amino acids
1.57% Ash
Traces of Vitamins


Basfoliar® Kelp O SL can be applicated via foliar spraying in a well-prepared solution with concentrations between 0.2-1% (see brochure). Foliar application is generally always recommended if problems concerning root uptake have induced the plant stress.
Application can also be done very comfortable via irrigation systems or directly poured to the soil.


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