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Basfoliar Mg Flo

Liquid Formulation Foliar Magnesium (34% MgO) Fertilizer


Basfoliar Mg Flo is a suspension which contains 34% MgO for curative and preventive nutrient supply to horticultural and agricultural crops. The product is intended for foliar application only, with nutrient components penetrating the leaves. Soil application is not recommended, since compounds are not mobile in the soil. Since this product has a very low EC, it is also appropriate for use in high-radiation climate (no burning).

  • Highly concentrated flowable suspension product with magnesium oxide
  • For use in agriculture and horticulture
  • For crop safety and high performance in foliar nutrition
  • Low salinity permits higher application rates
  • High compatibility with plant protection products
  • Poor in chloride


Content Nutrients
4.1% Total Nitrogen (N) (6% w/v)
4.1% ureic nitrogen (6% w/v)
34.0% MgO total magnesium oxide (49.6% w/v)


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