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Agricare FlowBor

Liquid Boron (10% B) Fertilizer


AGRICARE FLOWBOR is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer which fulfil the additional requirement of Boron for the crop. It is responsible to stimulate the growth of cambium tissue and apical meristem, promotes the mobility of Calcium and production of pollen and fertilization. It creates more resistance of cells membrane, essential in the growth of cell and tissue, reduces Flower drop & Fruit cracks or Fruit drop and improves the overall quality and quantity of yield.

Boron deficiency symptoms first occur at growing tips of root or shoot generally & also breakdown prematurely causing disease like cracking, necrotic spots etc. It also affects the vegetative and reproductive growth of plants.

FlowBor is recommended throughout the flowering, fruit setting and development stage. It promotes the quality of the fruits and prevents nutritional imbalance due to Boron deficiency.

FlowBor is processed under high technical expertise & passed through strict quality control test. FlowBor is the specialty fertilizer that is made from the best quality of raw material selected for the manufacturing process and is free from impurities and heavy metal. This product is specially formulated to agriculture use. Due to pure form of mineral nutrients, decreased risk of scorching or cracking.

Use in vegetable like tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, okra, eggplant; fruit crop like mango, citrus, banana, pomegranate, pineapple, strawberry; polyhouse crop like gerbera, roses, etc.


Boron Ethalomine

Boron (as B) min 10%


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