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Agricare FlowNCam

Foliar Calcium-Magnesium Suspension Fertilizer


AGRICARE FLOWNCAM is a high analysis suspension product providing high Calcium-Magnesium with balanced Nitrogen for foliar application. It has positive effect on lateral root growth and is important for root length and biomass. Calcium is important for tissue growth, cell wall maintenance for healthy leaves. Magnesium takes part in many enzymatic activities to ensure plant vitality and chlorophyll formation.

The first deficiency of calcium & magnesium symptoms appears in the middle of older leaves which is interveinal chlorosis, small spot on the leaves. The curling symptoms of the leaves can be cured by the calcium application. With the deficiency of Ca & Mg, the leaves become crispy and burnt. Slow growth & uniform yellowing of older leaves are the symptoms of Nitrogen deficiency. Yield is reduced because of disease formation.

FlowNCam increases natural plant defenses against several diseases and protects plant vitally. The plasticity, firmness and quality of fruit are thanks to Calcium and Magnesium which facilitate the development and thickening of cell walls. Magnesium is essential to effective photosynthesis and also protect crops from saline stress.

FlowNCam product is free from sulphate, nitrate or chloride which enables its spray application on fruits without any risk of damage, 100% water soluble which ensures easy uptake/absorption by stomata/tissue.

FlowNCam is processed under high technical expertise & passed through strict quality control test. FlowNCam is the product that is made from the best quality of raw material selected for the manufacturing process and is free from impurities and heavy metal. This product is specially formulated to agriculture use. FlowNCam technology is a stable formulation in high and low temperature, with very low salinity.


Nitrogen (N) 4.1%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) 17.0%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 7.0%
Specific gravity 1.48 g/cm3 at 20°C


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