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Arjun Mg Active

Magnesium (33% MgO) Fertilizer


Our speciality ARJUN MG ACTIVE is a top quality fertilizer providing pure natural Magnesium to plants. It is a fast acting fertilizer which can be used as top dressing on standing crop as soon as Magnesium deficiency shows up in plant. It is suitable for organic farming.

Arjun Mg Active is produced by the calcination of natural kieserite extracted from K+S mines in Germany. The product is hygroscopic and can be stored in dry place in original packing tightly sealed. Lumping formation over a period of time does not influence the solubility and quality of the product.

Arjun Mg Active is recommended for all types of crops including pulses, oilseed, fruits and vegetables. It gives high gains in crop production and quality.


Dissolve 250 g Arjun Mg Active in 100 L water for foliar application.


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