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PROM (Phosphate Rich Organic Manure)


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Granular Manure for Turf Application & Organic Crops


PROM is a concentrated granular phosphate rich organic manure and is an alternative of DAP and SSP substitute. It is an excellent soil conditioner which improves soil structure and improves soil water balance. It ensures quality production by stimulation of micro-organism activity. It preserves optimum productivity, increases water holding capacity of soil and improves its health & fertility by increasing the organic carbon, phosphate content and provides the organic phosphate till its generic age. It enhances the structure and texture of the soil, improves aeration and facilitates root development.

PROM finds application in Golf Courses, Landscape, Sports Fields, Indoor & Outdoor Horticulture, Floriculture, Green House & Nurseries to obtain better quality and higher yields.


Total Organic Carbon (min.) 10.0%
Total Organic Total Nitrogen (min.) 0.4%
Total P2O5 (min.) 8%
C:N Ratio (min.) 20:1
Moisture (max.) 25%
Bulk Density (g/cm2) (min.) 1.6%
pH (1.5 Sol.) (max.) 6.7
Conductivity (as dSm-1) nmt 10

PROM is processed under High Technical Expertise and passed through strict Quality Control tests. It is ideal slow-release nutrition for all types of soil & crops. The product is hygroscopic and should not be left exposed. Lump formation over a period of time does not influence the solubility and quality of the product.


Follow three simple steps to feed the plants – Apply 25-50 g PROM granules per plant (as per plant size), cover with 1-2 inch soil, irrigate afterwards.


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