Mini Sprayer Fogging Machine Super-2000 Gold

Easy and powerful smoke insect killer from A-Sung

9,134.00 10,148.00

Easy and powerful smoke insect killer from A-Sung

  • Coil cooling and washing equipment mounted: World patent
  • Applicable to open wide places like cowhouses, pigsties, henhouses, houses and gardens
  • Can also be used in schools, restaurants, public facilities, hospitals, military camps, parks and outdoor places
  • Portable and easy to use
  • No stuffy coil phenomenon by coil stuffing removing equipment
  • Ultra-light and ultra-micro sprayer
  • Features control lever for cooling or smoke screen operation
  • One-touch lock system
  • 2L chemical tank
  • Uses Liquefied Butane gas for fuel

Included accessories:

  • Aerosol can
  • Shoulder belt
  • Safety gloves, goggles, mask
  • Spare pump piston cylinder


Super 2000 Gold Nozzle
Super 2000 Gold Control Lever
Cooling / Smoke screen Controller
Super 2000 Gold Cooling Device
Cooling Device
Super 2000 Gold One Touch Lock
One-Touch Lock


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