Hand Digging Trowel

Garden hand tool designed for planting and transplanting


Pests can destroy your dream of a beautiful clean garden. With this hand trowel, it’s easy to plant and transplant saplings anywhere in your garden. This steel material scoop headed device digs deep into the soil and keeps your garden clean of weeds without causing much damage to surrounding trees. The curved sides on the garden trowel blade allow it to hold compost for planting flowers into pots, otherwise known as potting. Get this garden trowel today and have a beautiful clean garden to complement your house.


  • It can reach deep down and saves your plants from being infested by pests. Keep your plants safe and your garden beautiful.
  • Sturdy Built – The trowel is made of steel and is quite sturdy. It is durable and serves your purpose with ease.
  • Ergonomic Handle – The lightweight trowel can make digging easier and painless. It has a fixed handle which is easy to grip and dig without stressing your muscles.
  • Black Coating – The steel part of the trowel has a black coating. This gives an elegant look to it while being useful.
  • Sharp Edges – The trowel features very sharp edges which can penetrate the soil easily and help you in gardening. Rebuilt your gardening dreams. A beautiful house deserves a beautiful garden.
  • Virgin Plastic Material – The handle is made of a virgin plastic material. This gives an innovative look and sturdy built to it.
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