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Vitanica Si


Vitanica ® Si is a water-soluble combined organic mineral NPK liquid fertilizer with silicate and seaweed extracts (Kelp) for revitalization and strengthening of the plants. It is mainly used for foliar fertilization of high-quality turfgrass but is also suitable for the fertilization of trees and shrubs. Turfgrass is incorporating silicate into the cell walls to strengthen the skeleton system of the leaves and blades. This will promote the plants’ resistance to stress, disease and drought stress. The combination of the man nutrients and kelp ingredients can further facilitate the growth performance and vitality of the grass. Vitanica ® Si contains mineral nutrients and the silicate valuable components extracted from the cell juice of the kelp (Ecklonia maxima). These are phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids


Technical Data

Macronutrients* 10.0% Salicylic acid (Silicate) SiO3
5.0% 22.7% 22.7% organic matter (kelp extracts)
3.0% phosphorous (P2O5)
7.0% potassium oxide (K2O)
1.7% sodium (Na)
* All percentages are by weight

Physical Properties

Specific Weight, approx. 1230g/L
pH 12.5
Colour Yellow-green


  • Vitanica® is best used preventatively
  • For best results, applications should be made above 10°C and in well aerated soil
  • Irrigation 3-4 hours after application facilitates transport of bacteria into the rooting zone
  • All Vitanica® products perfectly supplement the general fertilizer programme

Recommendations for mixed applications in turf grass:

  • Disease/Heat/Stress Tolerance: 20L/ha
  • Recommended application volume 800L/ha
  • Combination of all Vitanica® products with Basfoliar® Ferro Top SL is possible for additional colour and growth improvement


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